"Portia’s Incredible Journey” is a page-turning novel about surmounting adversity, family separation, and coming of age for eight to twelve years. Boys and girls will cheer Portia on as she confronts this year of challenges.

One day at school, Liz, the fourth grade bully, shook her chubby fist so close to Portia’s face that she could smell the sweat on it. “Tell anyone I was in Nurse Bryant’s office and you’ll be sorry,” Liz threatened. “I’ll give you a black eye.” 

Later, Mom and Dad sat Portia down at the kitchen table and told her she has to learn to give herself insulin. She is desperately afraid of needles. But every day, eleven year old Portia must deal with type 1 diabetes.

As if this wasn’t enough, Portia’s heart sinks when Mom tells her, “…we decided that a separation would be the best thing for right now. It’ll give us time to sort things…”

How could life be so unfair?