Thursday, December 26, 2013


Etan Boritzer's best-selling children's book series for kids (ages 6 -11) promotes character education and social values. These books are also guides for parents, educators, and child-life professionals that help children understand the difficult issues confronted at various development stages.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

New guide for Portia's Incredible Journey 2013

Review by two educators

Relates well to the new Common Core Standards
By Connie Carpenter on March 26, 2013
This teacher's guide relates very well to the new Common Core Standards that are currently being adopted by California schools. The vocabulary puzzles were a favorite with my third graders, and it was exciting to hear the students actually cheer when I passed out their homework!

Educator's comment
By G. Bassett on January 28, 2013
There have been many teacher guides that accompany children's novels, however the teacher's guide that goes with Portia's Incredible Journey will fast become a teacher's best friend. Emma Price has thoroughly researched and included meaningful activities in her 61 page teacher's guide. She has included various critical thinking level questions to use before, during and after reading that will motivate students to read and the guide is very convenient for teachers to use.